For more than 20 years Brendan O'Hara has been positively impacting children's development. Gail now works with him adding calming activities to the program. The Kindergarten sessions are for groups of up to 30 children and may be accompanied by a teachers' and parents' information evening.

In a fun, musical environment, children & even adults can:

  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve co-ordination and balance
  • Gain greater visual and spacial awareness
  • Calm  behaviour and teach self regulation
  • Enhance readiness for primary school education

Kindergarten and Preschool (and indeed lower Primary) teachers can give children on-going improvements by using these practical tools every day. Parents can help their children too by using the Children's Movement and Learning activities book and music CD at home.


"Brendan has been coming to my Pre-Schools for over seven years now. I really love the confidence the children derive from having better co-ordination. There's less clumsiness, particularly outside. With some children the changes have been remarkable".

Ceri Leyland-Greaves, Director, Ryde Avenue Kinder, Benalla, Victoria, Australia.

Since we have been having so much fun with Brendan's activities, very positive outcomes have resulted. Each child's total development has been enhanced naturally and harmoniously, which will be an inspiration for their future wellbeing.

Evie Lockett, Montessori Director, Melbourne.