Primitive and Postural Reflexes 2

Primitive and Postural Reflexes, Level Two, is for practitioners and is a four day, in depth course on how Primitive and Postural Reflexes assists our development. A comprehensive understanding of these reflexes is accompanied by techniques to balance the reflexes and accelerate learning and integration.

Course Structure:

  • Testing the muscle groups for the reflexes.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the movements generated by the reflexes.
  • The effects each reflex has on posture and learning when unintegrated.
  • A further look at the impact of retained reflexes.
  • Principles and concepts of Qi Qong.
  • The effect reflexes have on learning styles.
  • Using light, colour, sound & toning to integrate reflexes.
  • The emotional component of the reflexes.
  • How to work with electromagnetic fields.
  • Vision and the reflexes.
  • Even more tools to accelerate learning and integration.
  • Procedures for balancing and integrating the reflexes.


Stages 1 & 2