Primitive & Postural Reflexes 1

A two day course on the Primitive and Postural Reflexes (PPRs), exploring their role in and their effect on early childhood development.

This course includes further instruction in the use of Beanbag Activities. Beanbags in this context are small 4"x4" handheld beanbags partly filled with rice.  

The course is aimed at assisting with the integration of the Primitive and Postural Reflexes. It is open to all people provided they have attended the Movement, the Brain and Learning workshop.

Course Content:

  • More on Primitive & Postural Reflexes and their role in our development
  • Explanation and understanding of the movements generated by the Reflexes
  • How to recognise and evaluate the Reflexes
  • The effects that "unintegrated" reflexes have on posture, learning and development
  • Theory and practice of Beanbag movements for integration.
  • More fun with and more Beanbag Activities
  • More on the effect Reflexes have on learning styles.
  • Further understanding on how PPRs influence early childhood development
  • The effect of the PPRs on skills such as reading, writing, concentration, maths, taking notes from the board, sitting still etc., etc.
  • Information on how the PPRs effect Speech, Hearing and Vision development

The PPRs are the foundation for all movement and learning. Of course, songs will be sprinkled throughout the workshop.

Some of the catch phrases include:

- do you want better hand/eye co-ordination, better ball skills

- want to improve posture or vision

- would you like to alleviate headaches, neck and or back pain

Well come along and bring you sense of Fun and Curiosity!!

The only prerequisite: Movement, the Brain & Learning