Wombat And His Mates - Songbook and CD

  • Wombat And His Mates - Songbook and CD

The second CD and Songbook, Wombat And His Mates, is designed to use song and dance to teach children exercises which integrate the two hemispheres of the brain, improving concentration, co-ordination, reading, writing, memory, balance, self-esteem and more. The work book contains music for the songs, images to describe the safe and simple series of movements and detailed information on how the activities improve learning skills and physical ability.
Although the songs were written for three to eight year olds, the techniques are of benefit to people of all ages. Read the book which accompanies the CD and start moving!

Track 1 - Wombat and His Mates
Track 2 - A Rum-Sum-Sum
Track 3 - Spin on Your Bottom
Track 4 - Dee Dum Dee Diddle Lee
Track 5 - Rainbow
Track 6 - The Walking Song
Track 7 - Pitter Patter
Track 8 - Skip-a-long
Track 9 - Sailor Sam
Track 10 -The Sea Song
Track 11 - Didgeridoo